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Fiesta Mk7.5 1.0

With over 20,000 testing miles now completed Pumaspeed are happy to release the staged power kits for the 1.0T Fiesta Mk7.5 EcoBoost.
From the entry level 150bhp kit to the range topping ZS 205 bhp kit , Pumaspeed are the unrivaled 1.0 ECO Power Masters.

Click to See what Fast Ford Magazine say about the 205 bhp Tiny Titan

Click to download all Fiesta 1.0 turbo upgrades

The Newest Fiesta Engine from the Ford Motor Company is a real ECO dream, with fuel economy high into the 60's and 70 mpg its a very real improvement on the older 1600cc VCTi unit that can trace it roots back into the 1990's.
Don't for one second think that this pocket engine 1.0 T is too small to create a real driving experience, the power and torque Pumaspeed can extract from this stock motor and turbo will have you amazed. With the quick spooling small turbo it will easily out pace any previous 1600cc Fiesta zetec kits, the older 2000cc ST150 is also no problem for this motor in tuned form.

So what power can this engine actually achieve without sacrificing Longevity and Economy ?

  After 20,000 miles of testing, and consultation with many engineers around the world, Pumaspeed have explored many versions of engine tune and component combination to bring a selection of products that will enhance the performance of the Fiesta 1.0 Turbo EcoBoost Engine. Each kit is built from a set of components that add extra flow the induction and exhaust systems of the motor. The components can be purchased one at a time, or in a full upgrade kit which can be fitted at the Pumaspeed workshop. The limit we are happy to push the stock piston and rod combination to is 170 bhp (which is more than the stock turbo can deliver)


Click to download all Fiesta 1.0 turbo upgrades

Customer Comments:
 'I would have never believed a 1 litre turbo could perform like that','its much faster than my ST150 duratec'
 'This ZS 205 kit feels quicker than my Standard ST180 - NO WAY !'.

Come and take a run in the Pumaspeed Demo ZS 205 you will be astonished.

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Rear Axle with Disc BrakesAdd to basket.

£549.98 (inc. VAT)

Rear Axle with Disc Brakes

Bushes - Engine
ST180 Cobb Fiesta Motor Mount Add to basket.

£168.95 (inc. VAT)

ST180 Cobb Fiesta Motor Mount

Bushes - Suspension
Clutches - Uprated
Cooling - Air
Diagnostic Tools
Forscan Diagnostic ELM327 CableAdd to basket.

£19.00 (inc. VAT)

Forscan Diagnostic ELM327 Cable

Engine - Crate Engines
Engine - Used Engines
Engine Stock at PumaspeedAdd to basket.

£0.00 (inc. VAT)

Engine Stock at Pumaspeed

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Filters - Induction Kits
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Service - Workshop Fitted
Silicone Hoses
Suspension - Anti Roll Bars
Suspension - Coilovers
Suspension - Lowering Springs
Suspension - Wheel Spacers
Pumaspeed Domed BadgeAdd to basket.

£2.95 (inc. VAT)

Pumaspeed Domed Badge

Pumaspeed Full Car WrapAdd to basket.

£649.00 (inc. VAT)

Pumaspeed Full Car Wrap

Pumaspeed SunstripAdd to basket.

£29.00 (inc. VAT)

Pumaspeed Sunstrip

Ford IB5/BC Gripper LSDAdd to basket.

£945.59 (inc. VAT)

Ford IB5/BC Gripper LSD