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GR Yaris

Pumaspeed - The Home of GR Yaris Tuning!

 Track Tested at Blyton Park, Donington Park, Cadwell and many more!

A full range of Power Kits are available from 280BHP to 600BHP!

Pumaspeed's aim is to simplify the whole tuning process by supplying no fuss bolt-on bolt-off quality parts and ECU mapping for the new Toyota GR Yaris. Whether you need a simple cat back exhaust to enhance the exhaust note or to push hard on track with a fully forged, fully equipped 560bhp flame breathing monster, we have you covered!

As Pumaspeed diversifies into other markets away from Ford that we know and love, we decided to dip our toes in to the Japanese tuning scene with in our opinion, the two most exciting Japanese cars on sale today, and purchased both a Toyota GR Yaris and the Honda Civic Type R FK8 for development vehicles. The GR Yaris represents to us what might have been if Ford had ever produced a Fiesta RS, a true rally homologation special. Following in the footsteps of cars such as the Lancia Delta Integrale, Subaru Impreza WRX STi and Mitsubishi EVO amongst many others. 

We quickly got to grips with the GR Yaris package by taking it on an initial track day as a standard car to figure out the strengths and weaknesses of the overall car. We quickly decided on four areas that we felt required improving, the clutch, the exhaust, the intercooler, and of course the power level!

We conducted all our development of the Pumaspeed Power kits, clutches, Intercoolers, Exhausts and Turbos using a fully adjustable SYVECS ECU which allowed us to fully control every aspect of the engine, this allowed us to fully find the limits of all the components where a tuning box or simple ECU remap could not.

The New Toypta Varis GR has three main limiting factors the stop the car developing huge amounts of power.

1. Valve Springs - The Stock Valve springs simply are not strong enough to rev higher than 6000 on strong boost settings. You may have heard the term valve float mentioned, this is a definate problem for power seekers and we believe they should be changed if pushing the Yaris Platform hard.

2. The ECU - The stock ECU can now be programmed but even so it doesnt have the flexabilty of a stand-alone ECU Like the SYVECS, so all our initial testing was performed on a Syvecs to allow for full adjustabilty of the ECU parameters.

3. The Turbo - The Stock unmodified unit will not flow anymore than 350-355bhp (and thats with uprated valve springs and Stand Alone ECU).
With standard Toyota Valve Springs and every conceivable bolt on upgrade 315-320bhp @ 6000 revs is seen to be the limit on stock ECU.

4.The Exhaust System The Stock Exhaust is very restrictive, by swapping just the catback system over to one of our free flowing Pumaspeed systems you gain as much as 15bhp on  a stock tuned Yaris GR, add the OPF Detete and gain a chunk more on  a stock car.

Moving on to the Clutch, within months of the car arriving with customers, we had multiple reports of clutch failures after multiple launches. Despite the gearbox and engine being seemingly bulletproof, the clutch is certainly the weak link in the drivetrain package and needs upgrading for higher power levels and enthusiastic driving. We quickly worked with a well known and highly respected clutch manufacture to develop the Pumaspeed Racing range of uprated clutches to cover almost any eventuality for the GR Yaris owner and have had nothing but positive feedback from customers since releasing the range.

The main criticism of the GR Yaris on launch, and from owners ever since was regarding the rather disappointing Exhaust note. Early on we made the decision to produce a range of cost effective exhaust systems with various volume levels to suit different driving styles and uses. The Pumaspeed Racing exhaust range is designed, developed and produced all in the UK from high quality stainless steel and offers everything the big name brands do, without the crazy price tags!

Finally the Intercooler, immediately after our first few laps on track, we noticed the car was holding back power. We suspected the intercooler to be struggling to keep on top of the heat generated by this punchy little 3 cylinder motor, which was later confirmed with some stock dyno runs at MAXDOUT Software HQ. After removing the front end of the car we 3D scanned the available area and within a week had a 3D printed prototype intercooler on the car, with absolute perfect fitment, making use of every available bit of space. This developed into the Pumaspeed Racing Re-Active Intercooler. The intercooler core is not the usual China sourced Bar and Plate unit which suffers heat soak and poor recovery times, this unit is entirley manufactured inside the UK with a Re-Active Tube and Stuffed fin Core similar to the very expensive Wagner type which has amazing recovery properties.

When Dyno testing our Pumaspeed Intercooler and boost pipe kit we saw a peak drop of over 30 degrees in the dyno cell, the car suffered no loss of power run after run after run. We then took the Re-Active intercooler one step further and introduced a full boost pipe kit replacing the comically small 35mm pipework with much larger and better flowing 57mm pipework, crucial for our GR350 and GR400 Syvecs packages!

Take a look at our demonstrator GR Yaris on the dyno following our build - 560bhp!


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Goodridge Hose Kit Yaris GR

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Yaris GR Front Brake Duct Kit

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GR Yaris EBC RP-X Rear Brake Pads

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HKS - GR Yaris Fine Tune V-Belt

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ITG Panel Filter GR Yaris

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TRD GR Body Stripe - GR Yaris

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MAXD Domed BadgeAdd to basket.

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MAXD Domed Badge

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Pumaspeed Domed Badge

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Pumaspeed Large Sticker (55cm)

NANKANG AR-1 - 225/45ZR15 Add to basket.

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NANKANG AR-1 - 225/45ZR15

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NANKANG AR-1 - 235/40x18

NANKANG AR-1 - 255/35x18 Add to basket.

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NANKANG AR-1 - 255/35x18

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NANKANG AR-1 - 265/35ZR18

NANKANG AR-1 - 295/30x18  Add to basket.

£289.99 (inc. VAT)

NANKANG AR-1 - 295/30x18