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X47 Fiesta ST Mk8 Hybrid Turbocharger - Fiesta ST Mk8

X47 Fiesta ST Mk8 Hybrid Turbocharger

310BHP plus Proven !

RRP: £1,099.00 (inc. VAT)

Our Price: £1049.00 (inc. VAT)

Fully Fitted: £1,343.00 (inc. VAT)

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X47 Fiesta ST Mk8 Hybrid Turbocharger X47 Fiesta ST Mk8 Hybrid Turbocharger X47 Fiesta ST Mk8 Hybrid Turbocharger

X47 Fiesta ST Mk8 Hybrid Turbocharger - Pumaspeed Hybrid Turbochargers

  • Direct bolt on in place of stock turbo
  • Pumaspeed Designed Larger shaft and Exhaust Wheel
  • New large extended tip 7 blade compressor wheel
  • CNC re-profiled compressor housing
  • CNC MACHINED Exhaust Housing for 20% more Exhaust Flow
  • Heavy duty thrust bearing assembly for lubrication & longevity
  • 310bhp plus proven

The new X47 Mk8 Fiesta ST Hybrid Turbo out shines the competition.
Designed,Developed and tested on numerous cars for over a year this new unit isn't just a hybrid turbo using the stock shaft like the X37 this unit is redesigned from the ground up around a new core shaft and Exhaust wheel package with inspiration and sizing taken directly from the 345bhp plus Mk7 X47R. 

it's even been tested around the Nurburgring for a full weekend whilst been driven 550 miles there and 550 miles back at autobahn speeds.

Pumaspeed explored the limits of the stock exhaust Wheel in the X37 Hybrid, with cut back blades and a larger compressor turbine we were the first to hit the holly grail of 300bhp way back in 2019.
But now we are back with a whole new development, with the full bespoke manufacture of a unique designed shaft the capability of the new 1.5 dragon engine has jumped to well over 300bhp. If history repeats itself with the size of shaft and wheel taken directly from the old X47r mk7 unit we predict numbers well over 300 and possibly into the 320's from this unique unit. 

The original X47r  hybrid on the Mk7 ST was a true 330bhp unit and without doubt ruled the power game with a sub 13 second drag run. On the road, the turbo delivered a beautifully driveable torque curve, delivering the power progressivley through the rev-range, preventing early wheelspin, and letting the driver really enjoy the performance potential of the ST spec. This new X47 hybrid turbocharger to suit the 3 cylinder 1.5 engine found in the Mk8 ST and Puma ST has pedigree in its blood and a lot to live up to,  it we know it can and have already proven it.

Down to the specifics then... to achieve 310BHP plus the X47 needed to allow the 1.5T dragon engine to breathe fully. Adding more exhaust gas flow is the key to increasing power. The more exhaust gas you allow to escape, the more power will follow. On the X47 we have had engineer a full new bespoke design of motorsport turbine blades to allow the gas to escape, meaning a higher flow at higher RPM. With this half of the turbo sorted, we moved onto the "cold side" where we have fitted our unique 7 blade extended tip design CNC compressor wheel. Having seven blades with extended tips over the standard six blades, more air can be 'grabbed' and passed down through the hot side pipes and eventually into the engine. This extra air is mixed with the petrol and ignited into bigger boom, thus more power! Internally, the core of the turbo is fitted with a modified seal plate to match the high-flow compressor wheel, and a heavy duty thrust bearing to allow for more lubrication and therefore more longevity than the genuine Ford core. 



For those wanting the full package we are offering this unit at a discounted rate alongside all of the modifications needed to make 305bhp. Please see the 'Performance Tuning Packages' area of the website where this kit is available. 

The hot topic on every ST owners mind, which mapping is best for me and my car? Ultimately it's a very straight forward question to answer, MAXD mapping consistently outperforms it's competitors in all aspects. With stage 3 you will see up to 300bhp on a medium spec car and over 300bhp on highly spec'd cars. These figures are backed up by over a year of development work on the turbocharger unit and months of development work on our orange wrapped car, independent dyno results and fantastic customer reviews. 

But why take our word for it? As mentioned above the X37 turbo with MAXD mapping is fitted to Dave Holding's car, who is the owner/group admin of the Fiesta ST Mk8 Owners (Official) Facebook page who says "I didn't expect the car to be this quick, the car gets faster every time I drive it. MAXD Out mapping is a lot different than I imagined, it's very well developed and you can tell that the mapper knows his stuff. You don't just get all the power early on and wheel spin, the map is really drivable and 'grown-up'. Top job."


Watch our Fiesta ST Mk8 X37 Hybrid Turbo Take on High Performance Sport Cars Around the Nurburgring!

X47 Fiesta ST Mk8 Hybrid Turbocharger

The Pumaspeed Workshop team are ready to fit the X47 Fiesta ST Mk8 Hybrid Turbocharger in our Head Office located here.

We estimate the labour time to be approximately 3.50 hour(s) costing £294.00 inc VAT.

Therefore making parts and labour a total cost £1,343.00 (inc. VAT).

Please don�t hesitate to contact us on the phone number above or click here to email.

Note: The fitting cost quoted is an estimate based on our Ford tuning experience. Please be aware that on rare occasions problems can occur that are out of our control; such as seized or snapped bolts due to age or wear. We work swiftly but in the event of an issue we may have to levy the fitting charge based on the time taken to rectify any unforeseen circumstances.

Pumaspeed Performance Distribution

Pumaspeed have a specialist distribution team that can dispatch the X47 Fiesta ST Mk8 Hybrid Turbocharger to any destination worldwide.

Please select the delivery country from the drop down list below to see the express delivery charge and set your shopping cart to the correct VAT rate.

Are you a trade customer?

Pumaspeed have a specialist trade distribution team that service many of the Motor trade specialists throughout the UK, the EU and the Rest of the World.

From a simple email tune file to a huge shipment of Milltek Sport Exhaust Systems. We have an expanding portfolio of new brands and products combined with the experience and ability to provide what you need.

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