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Focus ST Diesel - Stage 2R Performance Tuning Package - Focus Mk3 ST Diesel

Focus ST Diesel - Stage 2R Performance Tuning Package

Upto 250bhp with HUGE savings!

RRP: £1,243.00 (inc. VAT)

Our Price: £1199.00 (inc. VAT)

Fully Fitted: £1,451.00 (inc. VAT)

Order quantity  (106 Sold)



Engine Mount

Induction Hose

Mapping Option

Focus ST Diesel - Stage 2R Performance Tuning Package

ST Diesel Stage 2R Custom Power Package - Pumaspeed Performance Tuning Package

  • Upto 250bhp/520nm capable
  • Class leading MAXD mapping
  • Easy DIY fitment
  • No loss in MPG or reliability

Here at Pumaspeed we are constantly developing the ultimate performance packages for your ST Diesel, whether you're after a simple bolt on Stage 1 package for your newly purchased diesel hot hatch or you're looking for the ultimate 280+bhp Diesel ST weapon you've come to the right place, the home of ST Diesel tuning.

We understand how daunting it can be selecting the correct aif filter or exhaust for your car so we have simplified this 2R package deal with our recommendations below.

This 2R kit includes by default;
MAXD Out 2R tuning box,
Pumaspeed Racing induction hose,
Pumaspeed low vibration engine mount,
R-Sport stage 3 intercooler,
R-Sport dummy DPF pipe.


The options explained:

For stage 2 you will need: MAXD Out Stage 2R Mapping, Uprated Intercooler, DPF Removal

We also recommend the fitment of: Uprated Induction Hose, Uprated Lower Engine Mount

Induction Hose - The stock induction hose is a rather ugly ribbed piece of cheap rubber which not only spoils the look of your diesel hot hatch's engine bay, it also restricts flow into the turbo. Many people believe that fitting an aftermarket air filter is the key to gaining more flow, however the Diesel STs are very sensitive when it comes to added air flow into the turbo, an aftermarket air filter can actually cause more harm than good by risking putting your Diesel ST into limp mode, this is why we recommend ignoring aftermarket air filters and focusing on the induction hose itself. Pumaspeed Recommends: Pumaspeed Racing Induction Hose.


Engine Mount - The standard Mk3 Focus ST, in both petrol and diesel formats seem to have been fitted with a particularly cheap and weak lower engine mount which they really suffer for. The lower engine mount although relatively small has a massive part to play in the amount of wheel hop and even torque steer the driver experiences when driving enthusiastically, the stock mount in our opinion simply isn't up to the task of coping with the stock cars 185bhp and 400nm, so once tuned to stage 2R levels of 250bhp and 520nm, you really benefit from this simple and cheap modification. Pumaspeed Recommends: Low Vibration Mount.


Intercooler - Like almost every turbo car, the ST Diesel is fitted with an intercooler built to a fairly low budget and only ever designed for the stock 185bhp and 400nm. Once you are pushing stage 2 power and torque levels, especially when the ambient temperature is on the warm side and/or when driving the car hard for a long period of time, the stock intercooler simply can't cope dissipating the additional heat. If the intercooler can't cool the car down, the ECU will react to this by holding power and torque back until temperatures have recovered, therefore we list an uprated intercooler as a requirement for stage 2. Pumaspeed Recommends: R-Sport Stage 3 Intercooler.


DPF Removal - A rather controversial topic, removing your Focus ST Diesel's DPF. The DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) on your diesel ST is there for two very good reasons, reducing noise levels and reducing certain emissions produced by your diesel engine. Unfortunately neither of these reasons helps us when in the pursuit of more power. Whilst our dummy DPF pipe is undetectable on an MOT and will not fail, they are sold as off-road use only to comply with the law, much in the same way as a decat on a petrol car. The stock DPF represents a huge restriction in the exhaust system and stage 2 simply isn't possible without removing it, an extra added benefit is the wicked noise your ST Diesel will produce without it! Pumaspeed Recommends: R-Sport Dummy DPF Pipe.


Exhaust - The Diesel ST has a relatively good flowing exhaust system (DPF back) from factory, probably due to the fact that it is almost identical to the 250bhp petrol ST. Therefore an aftermarket DPF back system isn't something we list as a requirement for stage 2 or 3, it is simply a cosmetic item with a small increase in exhaust volume to suit. Pumaspeed Recommends: Milltek DPF Back System.


Mapping - The hot topic on every ST Diesel owners mind, which mapping is best for me and my car? Ultimately it's a very straight forward question to answer, MAXD Out mapping consistently outperforms it's competitors in all aspects. With stage 2R you will see upto 250bhp and 520nm of torque, huge gains for minimal hardware changes! These figures are backed up by over 4 years of ST Diesel development work, independent dyno results and fantastic customer reviews. 

The MAXD Out tuning tool gives you the flexibility to switch mapping, and return to stock mapping at anytime, all you'll need is a windows laptop. Pumaspeed recommends: MAXD Out.

Please note: Workshop fitted remaps are all installed at Pumaspeed HQ in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, please call to book in advance.

ST Diesel Stage 2R Custom Power Package

The Pumaspeed Workshop team are ready to fit the Focus ST Diesel - Stage 2R Performance Tuning Package in our Head Office located here.

We estimate the labour time to be approximately 3.00 hour(s) costing £252.00 inc VAT.

Therefore making parts and labour a total cost £1,451.00 (inc. VAT).

Please don�t hesitate to contact us on the phone number above or click here to email.

Note: The fitting cost quoted is an estimate based on our Ford tuning experience. Please be aware that on rare occasions problems can occur that are out of our control; such as seized or snapped bolts due to age or wear. We work swiftly but in the event of an issue we may have to levy the fitting charge based on the time taken to rectify any unforeseen circumstances.

Pumaspeed Performance Distribution

Pumaspeed have a specialist distribution team that can dispatch the Focus ST Diesel - Stage 2R Performance Tuning Package to any destination worldwide.

Please select the delivery country from the drop down list below to see the express delivery charge and set your shopping cart to the correct VAT rate.

Are you a trade customer?

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From a simple email tune file to a huge shipment of Milltek Sport Exhaust Systems. We have an expanding portfolio of new brands and products combined with the experience and ability to provide what you need.

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