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You are here: Home | News, Events & Advice | Pumaspeed MAXD out Stage 2R 245bhp mapping SHIPPING NOW

Pumaspeed MAXD out Stage 2R 245bhp mapping SHIPPING NOW

After weeks of development and Testing, the new MAXD Stage 2R remap for the 1.6 EcoBoost Fiesta has been approved.
An elite group of Pumaspeed customers around the world were given the new MAXD 2R Software for evaluation and altitude / temperature testing.

The testing is now completed, the reviews are in and we are happy to fully launch this top of the line Stock Turbo MAXD Stage 2R tuning Software file.

Confident in the software Pumaspeed equipped the M444XDD Red Fiesta with a full 245R kit and send it to Santa Pod Drag Strip with novice 18 year old  Daniel.
The 245R kit included -
Stock Turbo and Stock Motor
Milltek turbo Back exhaust
R-Sport Stage 3 Garrett intercooler
ITG Cold Air Induction Kit
Silicon Free Flow intake pipes and Alloy Cross Over
R-Sport 2 inch under pipe kit
MAXD Stage 2R Software

 The Santa Pod day was only a simple run what you brung day but proved the mapping on not just the MAXD 245R but on other cars and also against some very potent non ford vehicles.
Daniel completed a hammering schedule of 14 runs in the day, testing all the Pumaspeed ,R-Sport and Milltek Cat Back components

Top time of the day for ST180 owners group was by Daniel in our M444XDD 245R Red Rocket with a blistering 13.75 second quarter mile. The 13.75 second Quarter mile time is now the official ST Fiesta Forum record for the 1/4 mile with a terminal speed of approx 102.3 mph.
The next  ST180 quickest time was by another Stage 2R runner Luke at 14.2 secs. The nearest Non MAXD Stage 2R running ST180 could only manage 14.7 against Luke who was carrying a passenger.
The Little 245R Fiesta was up against the might of a modified VXR8. The tiny Fiesta dwarfed by the might of the VXR8 leaped away in the first half of the race and was only just pipped to the post by a very narrow margin when the mighty 600bhp of the VXR8 came into its own at over 100mph

The video run is available to view on the Pumaspeed Facebook of the Pumaspeed MAXD 245R vs a modified VXR8.
The VXR8 ended with a time of 13.66 which was only 0.09 seconds faster than the ST Fiesta.

VXR8  13.66 @111mph                                  vs                            Pumaspeed 245R  13.75 @103 mph

Off the line performance
Equipped with std road tyres ( yokohama Parada Spec 2 ) the little 245R demonstates the get up and go of the Stage 2R software against another mighty beast

500bhp 4x4  vs  245Rbhp 2wd


Pumaspeed and MAXD together have successfully created the best software and hardware combination available for the Fiesta ST180. Utilising the very best Milltek exhaust system, R-Sport Air Filters and R-Sport Garrett Stage 3 intercooler the Pumaspeed M444XXD Red Rocket powered to a huge 219 whp 244 bhp. Torque levelsin testing with were pushed beyond the magic 400nm momentarily but withgearbox safety in mind were scaled back to 370nm for safe reliable everyday  power.


What is MAXD software ?

The MAXD stage 1 and 1+ are totally dominating the competition when it comes to the under 220bhp range. The ability to self-tune at home gives the total control customers demand, it allows you to swap between any of the maps at your leisure.

The Stage 2 for 95 octane can be used worldwide with all the normal bolt on hardware to give approximately 230bhp. The low boosting Stage 2+ has proven itself to run 235-238bhp with only 1.3bar. (Which is 0.15bar lower than stock Ford levels.

But now for the real enthusiast, comes the Stage 2R.
R is the RACE designation given by MAXD ,with the added 0.15 bar of boost ( 1.45 ) this new 2R mapping out performs every tested Stage 2 mapping period.

Whilst retaining all the standard Ford factory features such as knock control, air temperature compensation and altitude compensation MAXD have raised the boost and opened the flood gates on the small stock Fiesta ST turbo charger.
Full throttle Torque has unleashed 370nm and Full throttle power has climbed to an impossible 244bhp Flywheel and 217-219whp, letting your little Fiesta punch above its weight.

Safe range topping performance from the Fiesta ST180 power masters Pumaspeed and MAXD


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Development Dyno Tesing Graph

ST180 MAXD Stage 2 R vs Stage 2

The Inside of the Red Rocket engine Bay