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Pumaspeed Fiesta ST Mk8 Hybrid X37 Visits the Nurburgring

In August 2020 we made tracks through Europe and went to the most famous circuit of all time... The Nurburgring! Whilst keeping completely COVID19 friendly throughout our whole visit (meaning we couldn't even get out of the car in France) we reached Germany with a fully prepped X37 Hybrid powered car pushing 300bhp and nothing but the open road in front of us. We had the luck of meeting an Audi R8 and two Mercedes AMGs who couldn't pull away from the Pumaspeed power on the Autobahn through Germany. 

Arriving at the 'Ring early on Friday night, our driver's Dan and Will had a chance to sit and observe the track, hillside, ready for their session on Saturday morning; picking up tips from the other drivers, and unwind from their long drive through France and Germany. We parked our 'orange car' in the provided pit overnight and rested well, knowing we had an intense day of driving ahead and a time to achieve. We have seen previous Fiesta Mk8 STs clock in at 8:30 and 8:22, but we had never been to the Nurburgring before. With an additional 100bhp over stock and a KW suspension set-up however, we were determined.
When the morning came... it was race day. Our first few laps getting to know the track had us in the 8:30's and on our third ever lap we hit 8:14 with high amounts of traffic. That's a whole 8 seconds faster than any Fiesta ST Mk8 that we've seen on the ring! The session was stopped after a crash and when resumed we suffered from all the traffic coming back out at once. 8:14 was our quickest time of the day.
We left with our heads held high, a new record for Fiesta ST Mk8 around the ring. 8:14 is the time to beat if anyone is reading this and wants to challenge #TeamPumaspeed. See below a list of the parts fitted to our car, both existing and new, showing what we have here in stock and what we're developing to bring you in the coming months! A lot of photos and miles later our journey was complete and we're back in the UK to tell the stories. 
Full high-resolution versions of the below images are available for sale as wallpapers etc... Please see our Fiesta ST Mk8 category
Orange Car Spec List (Click the products to view them) 
Ramair Induction Kit - Removing the stock airbox and giving and open cone filter allowing a full potential air flow to the turbo. Custom PRORAM cotton filter with #TeamPumaspeed branding, CNC alloy pipework and silicone connectors. Relocated MAP sensor. 
Pro Alloy Crossover Pipe - The unrivalled induction kit to hit the Mk8 Fiesta market from Pro Alloy. We fitted this crossover pipe to give the extra flow from our incredible Ramair kit allow the way to our X37 hybrid turbocharger. More air means more power. 
X37 300bhp Hybrid Turbocharger - Turn your Fiesta ST Mk8 into a 300bhp weapon with a bolt on stock location turbo! 7 blade billet CNC compressor wheel, motorsport spec cut-back turbine blades and reprofiled compressor housing. AWESOME!
MAXD-Out Stage 3R Remapping Software - The software to match the hardware. 300bhp and 400+nm torque from just a turbo and mapping. As fitted to Fiesta ST Mk8 Owners (Official) Admin Dave Holding's car and now 2x Performance Edition Cars!
R-Sport Hot Side Boost Pipe (Development Product) - Our design engineer, Yassir has been hard at work designing a new hot side pipe to remove the restrictive and resonated OE Ford pipe. The new R-Sport will give more air flow and more turbo noise. 
R-Sport Silicone Boost Pipe Kit (Development Product) - A long overdue product that we've been designing since Christmas 2019! Full silicone boost hoses with custom designed velocity stacking and annodised end tank connectors. 
R-Sport PRO400 Full Height Intercooler - This intercooler needs no introduction to our MK8 ST Facebook followers. With 20+ pre-orders before it's release, this intercooler is unrivalled. Full height, huge core, direct fit no modifications required, fantastic cooling results. 
Scorpion Decat Downpipe - 100% Stainless steel construction and made here in the UK, this decat pipe has removed the restrictive OE cat, giving us the possibility to flow more out of and therefore make 300bhp easily. Sports Cat Available for Greta approved. 
Scorpion GPF Delete (Resonated) - 100% Stainelss Steel again, we have opted for the resonated GPF delete as we a very track orientated here at Pumaspeed. These 3-pot STs put out some noise so resonated is our choice!
Scorpion GPF-Back Exhaust - Pairing perfectly with the rest of our system, the Scorpion offered us a quieter exhaust note at the time of fitting. We believe now that the Scorpion 2020 onwards systems are louder than those produced before. 
KW Variant 3 Coilover Suspension - Aiming to replicate the suspension of the Performance Edition ST Mk8s, which is designed by KW, we spoke with KW themselves and they sent us this V3 kit with adjustable height and damping. Perfect for comfort and track ability. 
Pumaspeed Quickshift Shortshifter - T6061 billet alloy CNC machined quickshifter with two settings of throw: 15% or 25% shorter. Great for quick gear shifting and easy DIY install. Designed here in house, and designed right patended 6073101... the original!
Pumaspeed Racing Engine Mount V2 (Development Product) - Improve traction and minimalise wheel hop; we are developing our second a new version of the mount to solve the problem of the wearing bushes that we have all seen too much of. 
Pumaspeed Ancillary Hose Upgrade Kit - High quality, bigger diameter and more free flowing. The ancillary hose upgrade kit we offer helps us keep orange car cool even when tackling 30 degree Nurburgring heat for a continuous 6 hours. 
Pumaspeed Coolant Hose Upgrade Kit - Once again, 5 ply silicone doing it's job and keeping our radiator supplied with coolant all day, all the time! We have ours in red colour matching some items, but we can supply in any colour for customers too! 
Pumaspeed Racing Front Brake Discs - J hook discs as standard, anti-corrosion black finish, direct bolt on in place of OE discs, capable of with standing up to 900 degree heat! Getting fast times is all about braking late, and these discs let us do that!
Pumaspeed Sunstrip - It may be a simple modification but it is certainly an effective one. Driving on track in a racecar lowered on KW V3 coilvers in blistering 30 degree European sunshine at 120mph... I would want to see where i was going! Enter the sunstrip.