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X-57 on stock injectors

X-57 results are in

318 whp (365bhp dyno jet) and 300 lb ft of torque!
Gareth and the guys at STealthWerx are old school in their methods, they don't just buy in parts and sell them, they spend many many days and weeks rigorously testing them first so we knew the X-57 was going to be under the microscope for sure.
The new X-57 wasnt fitted straight to a car it was examined and measured and compared to the already massively popular X-47R and another manufacturers unit and only then, with a twist to the actuator spec it was fitted.
STealthWerx took their usual due-diligence approach in extensively testing this new X-57 base model turbo. Both Pumaspeed and the calibration team at MAXD-OUT were totally involved with a simple goal to find out the maximum safe power that could be extracted without over stressing the stock injectors or fuel system.
It sounds a pretty simple exercise to turn the boost up from the hugely popular V4702 X-47R mapping and then trim ignition levels and wastegate duty cycle to push it to the limit, but it's not as easy as that on this new K04 frame turbo.

X-57 Fiesta ST EcoBoost Turbochargerx57 dv x57 turbo kit

The new X-57 unit has exceptional flow rates from its new generation extended tip 7 blade billet CNC compressor wheel and when you add a hot side turbine size that has more flow than the S280 with a unique cut back wheel, the mapping becomes very very involved indeed.
It was very quickly found that the stock fuel system on the STeatlhWerx Fiesta ST200 couldn't keep up with this new turbo even though it's a very low mileage car. The stock flow limits of the stock injectors at our self imposed super safe limit of 167Bar was always going limit the power we could extract.

Is the new X-57 entry model turbo too good for the stock fuel system?

There are many customers asking us for safe maps, in fact the number one question we have at Pumaspeed is, 'Can my stock engine handle this power?', ever happy to answer, we took a descision to build the first in the new V57 map structure around the stock injector flow limits and dial in sensible boost limits and let the power find its own happy level.
The Fiesta ST has weaknesses in the gearbox and various other hardware areas, all these had to be taken into account when mapping, so with almost all MAXD-OUT maps we prefer to keep the torque at around 400nm or 300lb ft.

STealthWerx took their very usual and methodical approach as did MAXD-OUT and the data analysts at Pumaspeed, they worked slowly through the data and the development of many maps until all safety levels were finally dialled in and suitable limits and power levels were hardcoded into the new maps. The results as always with MAXD-OUT are amazing flat torque curves that hang on and on.
So with a final set of happy datalogs accross the test cars this 365bhp (318whp) and 300 lb ft (torque capped to save the gearbox) was achieved. Now 365bhp is a pretty impressive number for a turbo of this size and ability, but lets get the stats into context first to see how impressive the combination of the MAXD-OUT map and X-57 results actually are.

Maximum Boost : 1.62 (23psi of boost) (Stock Boost is 1.55)
Maximum Power : 365bhp at 6600rpm 
Maximum Torque  : 300lb ft at 4000rpm
Air Fuel Ratio : set at 11.5:1 on stock fuel pump and injectors
All Power Measurements were made on Courtney Sport Dyno Jet dyno on Ford Fiesta 2017 ST200 with less than 20k miles

Whats the next step for this set up?
The simple answer is add extra fuel, by using the larger set of Bosch injectors. With another 30% more flow we know the X-57 will be able to boost a little higher and add a little more ignition and show it's true potential 

The graph below shows a very stable boost curve, its almost fully spooled at 2500 revs and at 7500 is still making 1.62 bar so it has way more headroom left in it and a massive 5000 revs spread of pure power, it's a great shame there is no more fuel flow left in the stock pump and injectors without raising fuel pressure and potentially causing premature fuel pump tappet and cam wear.
Although the K04 frame units are rated to 2.2 BAR, these figures were attained at just 1.62 BAR, keeping the stock engine and fuel system happy whilst managing the additional heat created when pushing near double the stock power!
No photo description available.
Driveability day to day is incredible for a big turbo car, gone are the Garrett GTX days counting the seconds whilst your turbo spools up near 4500rpm. The X-57 has achieved its primary goal, offering lightning fast performance without compromising real world usability, and without the requirement for additional fuelling through the use of larger injectors and cams. The stock injectors are at their safe limit with this setup but the consistent 11.5:1 AFR on this car at WOT throughout the rev range confirms there is still some headroom left in them before we are at the absolute limit.
For people wanting to push to the next level we have the X-57R and X-57RS setups pushing past the limits of the stock fuelling system by making use of our uprated Bosch injectors, we also recommend only running these setups on a built motor to safeguard reliability. 
Contact us at Pumaspeed or any of our dealer network to discuss your future plans with the X-57 turbo.
Thanks to both Gareth Kidman and STealthWerx for once again testing and confirming the capabilities of the X-Series turbos.