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MAXD Custom TUNING Available Now


The Pumaspeed PS330 kit was for many the top of the line kit for all ST225 standard Turbo users.
A combination of a full bolt on list as shown below and the very impressive Pumaspeed U322 or U412 mappings made one of the quickest street cars available.

The Next Level by MAXD-OUT
The masters at MAXD-OUT software suggested that they could enhance the now old mappings to create more power for less boost if we let them loose on our a Focus ST225.
Eager to oblige a car with a Superchips stage 3 plus fitted was supplied, it had all the normal bolt on part such as
Milltek Sport 3 inch decat,
Milltek Sport 3 inch downpipe,
KN 57i air Filter kit
R-Sport Stage 1 intercooler,
Milltek Sport Ultimate 3 inch Cat Back Exhaust,
Pumaspeed Tapered Inlet Plenum
and 440cc injectors.

The car was custom tuned inside the day and all the data and power graphs taken.
With crucial increases in igntion settings and fueling that were previously never touched, we think the results speak for themselves.

''MAXD Power  327.1 bhp up 17bhp @5800rpm 

  up 9.1bhp @5000rpm  on previous U412 peak power''

''MAXD Torque 502.8 nm @4308 rpm up 23nm  @3000rpm up 30 nm''

With stronger middle range and top end power holding on far longer, the car is transformed into the ultimate small turbo flying machine.

For the very best in mapping the new MAXD OUT PUMASPEED 330bhp kit using the new Stage 2R (aka M440v5) is ready for you.
ALL the new maps are now available on the ST225 MAXD Tuning box here

The Graph Below shows Superchips Stage 3+  vs  Pumaspeed U412  vs  MAXD mapping Stage 2R or code name 440v5 as we called it

Pumaspeed 330R kit.         

Spec List

 MAXD-OUT M440v5 tune (Stage 2R)
Pumaspeed Tapered Inlet Manifold
K & N 57i Air filter Kit
R-Sport Stage 1 Intercooler
Focus RS Mk2 440cc Injectors
3 inch Decat
3 inch down Pipe
Milltek Ultimate 3 Inch Cat Back Exhaust
Forge Actuator (Yellow spring)


327.1 bhp @5811 rpm  -  up 17bhp @5800rpm
502.8 nm  @430
8 rpm  -  up 23nm  @3000rpm
Focus St225 MAXD Remap



Data Comparison 

Turbo boost on the New MAXD Stage 2R
(aka M440v5) Tune.

 Boost Spool -The boost comes on much earlier and stronger due to the added ignition settings,
 Boost Peak - it peaks at 1 psi more than the other most powerful tune.
 Boost Mid range - lower and safer boost accross the
mid range and to the red line

Air Fuel Ratio - Lambda

Low revs - to promote spool the AFR is kept a lot leaner than previous tunes. This has the added benefit of
giving far better economy off boost which is always a benefit to be apreciated
Mid and High - Perfect AFR's all the way to the redline.


Wheel Power - WHP

Typical transmission losses on most dynos are calculated at around 15%-19%
The measured Wheel bhp was 284,
at 19% the calculated bhp is 339 bhp
at 15% the calculated bhp is 326 bhp

either way you calculate the result it pretty impressive and all available for mail order or workshop fitting at Pumaspeed


Focsu ST225 Remap Data