Product Review

T pipe Focus RS / ST Dump Valve Fitting Kit

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4/5 Stars

Daevy, Belgium

Installed this tube today.
Sounds great! finally the sound of my 5cilinder back.

-Installing was a pain in the ***
It is tight with the dump valve on its own, but installing it with the T hose is ... but after a while it all fits.

-Sound; Dump valve makes a bit less sound than before, but still good enough.
The dump valve opens on a higher rpm now.. first 2000 now 3000 something like that.

Inside, motor noise is back again! (just like original)

Negative side; In higher rpms you hear inside the car, a weird whistle sound from the original valve..
Something like when you whistle on a empty coca bottle..

Don't know if theres a solution to prevent this? but after a while you won't notice it anymore :)