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Fiesta Mk8 450 Bhp Conversion

 Out with the NEW in with the OLD

The new Mk8 Fiesta is already a firm tuning favourite with Pumaspeed so why have we done the impossible and installed an old 1.6 EcoBoost Turbo engine in the new 2018 chassis?

mk8 fiesta ST

Many of our regular customers expressed disbelief when Ford announced there would be no petrol 4 cylinder engines in any of the new Mk8 Fiesta range. The new 2018 onwards cars would only feature 1.0T and 1.5T three cylinder units.
Many of the Pumaspeed Customer base are pretty hardcore track day guys and are yet to be convinced on the 3 cylinder engines power potential. Many have invested heavily into the 4 cylinder 1.6 Ecoboost with forged engine builds and Hybrid X-47R turbos so are well on the way to 330-350bhp. The interest in carrying their engine investment over into the new Mk8 which is a way more up to date chassis and better handling car is pretty high.

X-47R turbo st fiesta track car Fiesta Mk8 PUMASPEED 4 cylinder 340bhp 1.6 Turbo

Pumaspeed are way in front when it comes to the Fiesta platform so the management team made an immediate decision to use the very accomplished X-47R Turbocharger and 1.6 Ecoboost package in a conversion that would rock the world and push the new Mk8 platform to its limits.


fiesta mk8 4 cylinder ecoboost engine conversion fiesta mk8 4 cylinder ecoboost engine conversion fiesta mk8 4 cylinder ecoboost engine conversion fiesta mk8 4 cylinder ecoboost engine swap conversion


An interview with Tony McQuire from Pumaspeed.

Q: So Tony, when did you dream this madcap idea?
A: Pumaspeed have been doing mad things with Fords since 1998, we were the first to install a 1.7 Puma engine into a Fiesta back in 1998
We did a full 4x4 Cosworth 466bhp conversion in 2001 and even a Focus Rs Mk1 engine into a Mk6 Fiesta so this was a pretty logical project for us.
In December 2017 we purchased a brand-new 140bhp 1.0 Ecoboost Mk8 and instantly realised the handling and the dynamics of the car were far superior to anything the Fiesta Mk7 and Mk7.5 had given us, it was a real revelation and the addition of a simple set of Eibach Redline Springs transformed the car enormously so we couldn't wait to get our hands deep into development.

Q: Is the new Mk8 Fiesta really that good?
A: We believe so, the chassis is fantastic and the interior of the new Mk8 with the new control systems are a long way in front of the Mk7, it has full connectivity, sync etc and as a daily runner the car is superior in every way. The only issue we could see was the lack of performance from the three cylinder 1.0 and the forthcoming 1.5 Turbo Dragon engine.

Q: When did you get the physical car?
A: We took a decision in April 2018 to source a second Mk8 Fiesta 1.0 with a vision to convert it to full 340bhp X-47R 4 cylinder power. We found a suitable donor vehicle and the exploratory process began to see if a suitable ECU could enable communication with the vehicles CAN BUS system. We soon found a company willing to take on the challenge, Specialist Controls who manufacture the SCS Delta stand alone Engine Management System were asked to re-write their SCS Delta ECU to use the CAN BUS protocols to cope with the new and very different Mk8 ECU. This was completed in a little over a month to enable us to meet the Ford Fair deadline debut date.

fiesta mk8 4 cylinder ecoboost engine conversion swap

Q: When did you actually start the conversion process?
A: The vehicle was collected from The Specialist Controls company with all the relevant SCS Delta ECU in mid June, leaving very little time to do the conversion and fully road test before the 5th August. Luckily being Pumaspeed, we already had an engine from the Fast Ford magazine featured 335 bhp Pumaspeed Red Rocket fiesta track car and very quickly installed this power plant in the engine bay with some new Custom Specification drive shafts and suitable engine mounts. The design and build of all the suitable hardware took around two weeks to perfect and was a straight forward process for our Technicians.

Q: It sounds very simple, was it really that easy?
A: Not really, the hardware side of things was relatively simple but the electronics and the full integration to the rest of the cars brand new style of CAN BUS was never going to be that simple. The process of rewiring the 4 cylinder engine harness to interface with the new unique Mk8 version SCS Delta ECU system and the original 3 cylinder car took a little more time than we imagined, we started the ball rolling but was ultimately completed by our friends at Racing Circuits in Leeds and to a very high factory like standard, in fact under the engine bay looks very OE and is a real credit to both Racing Circuits' and Pumaspeeds' workshop team.

Q: So when did the new 4 cylinder motor actually fire up and run?
A: 6 days before the deadline of Aug 5th is the answer, we know we were cutting it fine but had total faith in the physical hardware install so knew that once the engine fired it would be fit to drive down the street. There were a few minor tweeks to do to the engine location due the huge 330 bhp plus power output but all in all the finished vehicle was ready only three days before it's official launch at Ford Fair where the car was taken on track and pushed to its X-47R 340 bhp power limit. 

The car was driven 140 miles to Silverstone for Ford Fair and 140 miles back again to the Pumaspeed Workshop, it performed flawlessly on track where it was seen on more than one occasion to spit flames and entertain the crowd.

For any customers wishing to install an ecoboost engine into any type of transport dont hestitate to contact the Pumaspeed Team who will be able to supply new or used engines and most all the hardware to install a fully prepped 300 plus ecoboost motor into it.

All in all the Pumaspeed team feel that this vehicle is a massive step forward for the fiesta wishing to retain the four cylinder power but update their vehicle to a newer and superior platform.